Tech Staff At Northwood


Matthew Dimaandal

TECH-RIFFIC EXPERIENCES: Students enrolled in Library Tech Staff have the opportunity to learn more about IT and library management through hands-on tasks.

Eugenie Chang, Managing Editor

When considering all of the technology utilized in schools today to enhance learning, it’s no surprise that technical difficulties arise on campus often throughout the school day. From problems with software applications to broken electronic devices, teachers and students alike at Northwood may find themselves in need of assistance. To fulfill this need and help manage the responsibilities of running the Northwood library comes the Library Tech Staff.

Library Tech Staff is an open enrollment class at Northwood that allows students to develop skills in the field of information technology through hands-on applications, and is open to students with all levels of experience. In addition, students in tech staff also learn skills essential to managing the Northwood library, from helping with cataloging to registering Chromebooks. This semester-long course has attracted many students interested in pursuing careers in IT, as well as those that simply have an interest in learning more about technology and especially helping the Northwood community.

“There will be times where it’s a lot of hard work, but we’re still going to create a fun atmosphere,” Library Tech Staff teacher Peter Fatzaun said. “I think the takeaway is that while you’re providing a service to others, hopefully you gain something from within providing that service, and hopefully you get a good feeling from that.”

The practical applications and benefits of Library Tech Staff far exceed just the technological skills students can gain from instruction, as the course also sends students to classrooms by themselves, teaching students how to handle difficulties independently. In addition, students have the opportunity to interact with staff and students across Northwood, allowing them to build upon their existing collaboration skills. 

“I definitely learned a lot about how computers and technology work in general,” Library Tech Staff member senior Wesley Zheng said. “I also learned how to communicate and cooperate with others because before I didn’t really want to talk to strangers, but after I got enrolled in Tech Staff, we were forced to cooperate with each other to finish these tasks.”

The interaction and IT knowledge that students are able to gain from Tech Staff prepares them for future work experiences and offers a welcoming space for all students to explore the realm of technology regardless of skill level.

“I would recommend this class to anyone,” Zheng said. “All you need to know is basically just how to use a computer. If you just want to help out the school in general, this class is the perfect option for you.”