Welcome to NHS Letter

Erin Tsai, Staff Writer

Photo provided by Ellie Chan

Hi future Timberwolves! Welcome to Northwood, the happiest place on Earth.


Just kidding, this isn’t Disneyland. But just because we aren’t the happiest place on Earth doesn’t mean that high school’s a drag either. Fall season launches us right into football season, where you can experience the incredible school spirit in our student section. Glance into the cheering crowd and you will spot a sea of matching color based on the dress up days. The pep squad keeps the crowd hyped up as students with face paint scream loudly. With the marching band’s vibrant music and color guard’s mesmerizing flag choreography, you will discover that halftime never fails to be spectacular.


“Marching band has been a really good experience for me because of all the time that we spend with one another,” junior June Lee said. “It’s also been just a good way for doing things for school spirit because we are involved in the first few rallies of the year and all of the football games, so it just adds to that sense of school pride.”


Northwood, with over 2000 students, is probably unlike any other school you’ve been at. But don’t worry, we’re not like most of the high schools you see on TV. At Northwood, there are many resources available to help you throughout your high school career. Our counselors are here to support you whenever you need, and our Link Crew, made of upperclassmen, are here to help freshmen like you transition to high school life.


“I’ve done two years of link crew and the freshmen have all been amazing,” senior Sarah Hsu said. “It’s pretty fulfilling being able to make people feel like they belong in a community. I know once I leave, they’ll continue to make NHS a great environment.”


At our school, there’s a class for everyone to find and expand on their passions while also meeting people with the same interests. There’s the typical electives you’re already familiar with—orchestra, art, drama. But here at Northwood, we’ve got so many more options to offer. You could take technical theater to learn the behind-the-scenes of every musical and play we put on. You could audition for a jazz ensemble. You could take video production, computer graphics or even journalism (pssst—join The Howler!).


“Electives have helped me explore my passions, and feel involved in the school programs in a unique way,” freshman Tashvi Mehta said. “I was able to connect with new people in a way that I don’t think I could have anywhere else.”

Photo provided by Ellie Chan

Another way to get involved on campus is to join ASB and class council. As a part of these groups, you’ll be in charge of bringing many school events to life, from school dances to pep rallies. People who join ASB and class council often find a tight-knit and supportive community that become one of the most enthusiastic at Northwood. Look out for freshman class council applications and election information when the school year starts if you’re interested.


With all of this said, it’s easy to ignore all of these things and just stay in your comfort zone, but there are so many ways to meet new people and do fun things here. From Spanish Club and Mock Trial to Acapella Club and Academic Decathlon, you can join one of the 80+ clubs we have, or even create one of your own. Take an elective that you’ve never thought to take. Try out for something you’ve never heard of before. The world is yours to explore, so make the most of the four years you have at Northwood.