Earning your P.E. credits

Diego Moreno, Staff Writer

Sometimes instead of an overview of various sports and games in P.E., you just want to focus on one. Fortunately, Northwood offers students diverse ways to complete the required two year P.E. graduation requirement, make new friends and learn important life skills.


Marching Band: The largest Arts program on campus, Marching Band is open to students of all levels, granting students free access to football games and the opportunity to be a part of the huge Northwood instrumental family with no prior instrumental experience required. A season of Marching Band provides students with a full semester of P.E. credit. Note that freshmen are still required to take regular P.E. or play a sport in conjunction with Marching Band, and enrollment in an orchestra or other band class is also mandatory.


“My experience was that it was a lot of fun but it took hard work especially when you’re new to it,” freshman Aya Takase said. “I recommend that freshmen take it because you make so many friends in different grade levels.”


Color Guard: If you don’t want to play an instrument, color guard is an equally enjoyable experience. Labeled the “sport of the arts,” color guard marches alongside the band and tells a story through flag spinning and rifle tossing. They work in tandem with the Marching Band to support school spirit, and after the band season, they go on to compete on their own during their indoor winter guard season. When taken together, color guard and winter guard provide a full semester worth of P.E. credits. 


“Color Guard has always been a place for me to go to,” sophomore Arya Wategaonkar said. “I’ve got a lot of friends in color guard as well. I absolutely recommend the class.”


Dance: Different from other sports in that it only takes up a single elective spot, dance frees up student schedules for more electives. Dance 2 and above require students to pass an audition, but freshmen who make the squad will earn a full year of P.E. credits.  


“My experience in Dance has been wonderful,” junior Kiara Kuriakose said. “I have met a lot of people who I would consider my close friends, and I learned a lot about dancing and became a better performer overall.”


If neither option appeals to you, both water polo or football are non-cut sports and provide a full year worth of P.E. These require you to enroll in both 7th and 8th period, so reduce room in your schedule for other electives.


After your freshman year, offerings open up even more. Students can look forward to Yoga, Basketball, Court sports, Weight-training or Fitness and Strength as alternatives to Co-Ed PE.