So you think you have any luck?


Ellie Chan

‘GREEN’ING WIDELY: Senior Carlene Nhu can’t believe her luck.

Annie Lee, Viewpoint Editor

Although many of our achievements are based on effort, there are also situations that are heavily dependent on luck. To see how luck varies from person to person, Northwood students shared how lucky they perceived themselves to be and specific moments in their lives where the outcome was affected by luck or a lack of.

Isabella Engelerdt (9):
“I think I’m pretty lucky, especially when I score goals in lacrosse, because it’s hard to get through defenders.”

Amy Jeon (9):
“I’m fairly lucky. I’m well off and I’m happy with my financial situation and emotional wellbeing. Recently, I was taking this quiz in English and completely guessed at least six out of 10 questions, but somehow ended up getting a hundred on it.”

Annie Vallabh (9):
“From one to 10, an 8.5. I have good friends, this is a great school and there is a great community. I auditioned for America’s Got Talent and I got accepted to the next level, but I couldn’t go because I moved to India.”
Lisa Sun (9):
“I am really lucky because I am usually dealt strong poker hands.”

Annabelle Chien (11):
“I’m pretty lucky. One example is when I was playing an arcade game that you have to spend real money on. Usually, the chance of getting something really good in this game is 0.05, but I got it on the 10th try.”

Vibha Srinivas (11):
“I think I’m lucky because every time I don’t study as much for an AP World History test or a Bio daily quiz, I get a better score. For one of the biology daily quizzes, I didn’t study at all and I got a three out of three. When I studied for four hours, I only got a two out of three.”

Carlene Nhu (12):
“In terms of the amount of close calls I’ve had in my life, I’d say that I’m really lucky. I put my computer and binder on top of my car but I went inside of the car and drove to school. Luckily, it was still there after the 15 minute drive.”