Non-Timbys talk: Northwood from an outside perspective


Rachel Gunawan

UNANIMOUSLY SUPERIOR?: A stern Arnold O. Beckman, a virtuous vaquero and a beloved bulldog analyze Timby, from flair to flaws.

Karen Bruce, Editor in Chief

Northwood high up on the hills… Do we praise in unity? As Northwood students, we view the school from the inside out, but how are we perceived from the outside in? The Howler has obtained a scoop into high schoolers around Irvine and discovered that Northwood’s reputation spans from inspiring to rigid to even exotic. 

Misha Lee, 12 (University High School)

Northwood in general is a little detached in my opinion; you guys are literally hidden in the hills. But I think I actually have the most friends at Northwood compared to the other IUSD schools. It generally seems like an awesome school with really fun people—I’ve never met someone from Northwood who wasn’t interesting—and I wouldn’t mind going there if I could.  

Ryan De Haas, 11 (Woodbridge High School)

Everyone I know at Northwood is super academically inclined and it seems that studying is everyone’s top priority because it’s so competitive. At least compared to Woodbridge, we don’t really have that type of atmosphere. Here I would say it’s more social and laid-back, where at Northwood it felt driven. 

Sean Enomoto, 10 (Irvine High School)

Northwood by far has a better campus compared to Irvine; it’s so much bigger and has really nice views. I think the entrance to the school is pretty unique and exotic because it’s on a long road surrounded by hills. It kinda looks like a tour bus trip. 

Luna Schaffer, 11 (Crean Lutheran High School)

Northwood sounds pretty competitive—at least compared to Crean—and there doesn’t seem to be much flexibility when it comes to advancing in classes. Northwood’s whole system and structure is rigid and hard to get around, which really suppresses the gifts a lot of students have. The competitiveness that I see as an outsider compared to Crean also shows how serious school seems to be and I think it’s a school that really pushes your limits. 

Nikitha Mateti, 10 (Irvine High School) 

I think that many people at Irvine can agree that Northwood is a super competitive and academically profound school with a diverse student population and pretty campus. Honestly, I think Irvine has a more relaxed atmosphere; people don’t really judge you if you’re not on par with everyone else. And from what I’ve heard, Northwood students have it rough trying to compete with one another. 

Sarah Li, 9 (Irvine Virtual Academy)

In terms of the student body, I feel like the people at Northwood have ambition. I get a sense that the students there are rooting for themselves to succeed alongside the staff members who are determined in helping them succeed. They have a strong will and a strong desire, if you will. 

May Allen, 10 (Beckman High School)

When I think of Northwood, I think of a more artistic student. Northwood has some great visual arts, especially their band and colorguard, and it seems like the students there are more interested in the arts than at Beckman. 

Kate Given, 10 (Orange County School of the Arts)

I feel like just overall, Northwood is known for its music. I’ve been to some football games and concerts and everyone seems so passionate and focused. A lot of people can play a lot of different instruments really well. 

Kotaro Araki, 12 (Portola High School)

Through tennis, I’ve actually visited Northwood many times. Their tennis team when I was a freshman was very good; I remember our team losing by a landslide. And I remember seeing an Instagram story on the fake snow event which sounded unique. Portola does different events for their students too, but the fake snow one seems unique to Northwood. 

Jamie Jung, 10 (Orange County School of the Arts)

My impression of Northwood is heavily influenced from social media and the time period that I get the most updates is during football season. This year especially, I’ve begun noticing that Northwood has a strong football team. Since OCSA doesn’t have a football team, it’s just these general high school events like football games and marching bands that we miss out on.

Bentie Feng, 9 (Crean Lutheran High School)

I think Northwood is inspiring. Because Northwood is known for being competitive and one of the best ranked schools in Irvine, seeing how motivated the students there are makes me more motivated and more inspired to work harder.