Clash of the Classes: School spirit comes howling back

Parashar Bharadwaj, Staff Writer

Clash of the Classes, a series of events and competitions between all grade levels at Northwood, took place during the last week of January until Feb. 1 with the senior class taking home the win.
The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors of Northwood vied to rack up the most points through lunchtime activities and dress-up days. The week’s schedule included Dodgeball, Guess the Song, Trivia, Tug-of-War and other activities for students to compete in.
“We wanted to bring back the fun rivalry between the classes from two years ago so that the different classes can unite and become closer to one another,” ASB treasurer junior Jonathan Kang said. “Clash of the Classes brought a huge crowd and tons of cheering for their respective class.”
And cheer they did during the fitness decathlon. With planks, pushups and tug-of-war, students displayed their physical prowess throughout the challenges. Notably, freshman Sophia Yang held a plank for an impressive eight minutes, not moving a muscle throughout.
“I was honestly really surprised that I was able to plank eight minutes, but I guess my athletic background from tennis and dance really helped,” Yang said. “The pressure and cheering from the crowd also helped a lot, and I didn’t want to let down those who were supporting me, so I’m really glad I was able to pull a win for the freshmen.”
Other than physical competitions, themes for dress-up days included Jersey, Inside Out, Mismatch and Class Color Days. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors wore purple, yellow, red and blue respectively to follow the “Inside Out” movie theme, iconic for its depiction of emotions like fear, joy, anger and sadness.
“My favorite part of the dress up days was being able to see all the different students, though competing, dressing up in the same way, bringing a sense of school solidarity even though it’s Clash of the Classes,” junior Dianne Ye said.
The event ended on Feb. 1 as the winning class was revealed. The senior class secured the win with 1867 points, over the junior’s 1826, sophomore’s 1713 and the freshman’s 1533. With their victory, the senior class won bragging rights as well as a special prize from Northwood’s ASB. ASB will decorate the school with the class’ respective color, in this case blue, commemorating the senior victory in Clash of the Classes.
“Clash of the Classes was overall a fun experience, especially during the lunch activities between the classes, the crowd was hyped up and excited which encouraged competition even more,” Yang said. “I like how we were able to compete with other grades in the activity of our choice and I loved watching the others compete and seeing everyone’s talent and skill.”