The student section brings the spirit to the stands


Matthew Dimaandal

LET’S GO T-WOLVES: (left to right) Juniors Aditya Hari, Jonathan Kang and Andrew Penrod and Senior Andy Hoang cheer for the basketball team in the front stands of the student section.

Karen Bruce and Annabel Tiong

A quiet stupor settles over the crowd as everyone exchanges glances, eyes glued to the front of the stands and the blaring red number in the distance. Bits of blue dust escape between the gaps of my clasped palms and I brush over the fine grains between my fingers. 

The Athletics Commissioners proudly hold up the clear O, and the sky explodes. A shimmering curtain of azure falls everywhere I look, stars against the reflection of the stadium lights, a truly magical sight. These moments amidst the student section are what make games worth attending, and why you should consider attending if you haven’t been to one already. 

Northwood students, so eagerly focused on their academics, often say they don’t have the time to watch sports because their Friday nights are strictly reserved for doing homework or studying for approaching tests. However, sitting in the student sections can remind us of the importance of unity and that high school is not just the grades, but more so about cultivating a community.

During school hours, conversations are often centered around coursework and academic-related topics. In contrast, the sheer excitement of the game unfolding and the hype of the crowd helps students relieve stress as they focus on cheering rather than last night’s Chemistry assignment. 

“I don’t really know how football works, but it was fun to have a place to see some friends from school who I’m not that close with,” senior Joanne Park said.

Students might skip out on games because they worry that they won’t understand the game and won’t be able to properly cheer. However, tons of students know very little about sports and still enjoy learning from the crowd, becoming more confident with the chants over time. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should check out a game, senior Sid Solaiyappan offers great advice:

“YES. Friday night lights and basketball or football games are proof that your school evenings are more than just kinematics or combustion analysis,” Solaiyappan said. “Go out and have fun with your friends. You only get one high school experience, make it count.”

The sensation of hearing the roars in your ears, being surrounded by friends and the adrenaline rush of screaming with fervor is something that everyone should experience. Who knows—you may find yourself wolfing it down. 

Of course, remember to be respectful of both teams and show good sportsmanship. At the very least, give those who truly enjoy the student section reasons to proudly say: “Hoo Hah, you wish you were a T-wolf!”