Eclectic electives to take in the Spring semester

Rita Lai, Accent Editor

Anyone looking to fill a free period or searching for an elective replacement is in luck with all the one-semester courses open for spring. Be sure to talk to your counselor before course selection to ensure your schedule is viable to change.


Creative Writing (10, 11, 12)

Through poetry, personal essays, narratives and film scripts, this class provides the opportunity to explore creativity through original compositions. Throughout the semester, you’ll be introduced to self-publication and submissions to literary magazines. You will learn how to develop your writing through new poetic structures, cohesive plots and dynamic characters, culminating in a portfolio.

“It was the moment we were working on our relatable stories, our ‘This I Believe’ essays, that Ms. Dunavold pulled each of us aside to ask how we were doing and I realized how I really appreciate the way she was concerned with not only our work but also our well-being,” sophomore Julien Ordaz said. “I would recommend this class to anyone interested in writing, even if they’re a little unsure.”


Language, Culture, and Identity

While exploring global media and customs, you will analyze the significance of language and culture on identity and the way each person’s worldview is developed in contemporary times. Through Step Asides, where topics ranging from slang to family history interject typical classes, guest speaker lectures, and opinion-heavy discussions, you will cover topics such as linguistics, geography, beliefs and cultural products.

“We were introduced to so many different topics that painted new images of our neighbors in our heads and made us appreciate the beauty of all the different experiences our friends have grown up with,” former Northwood student Katelyn Steel said. Cross culture students and students who want to travel should take LCI because it not only teaches about how you should interact with the world, but it creates a building block that will help you adapt to new situations faster and with more compassion for those around you.”


Chloe Song

Irvine Valley College Dual Enrollment (9, 10, 11, 12)

After applying for IVC and K-12 special admission, high school students will be able to earn credits that are often CSU/UC transferable. Successful completion of courses go towards attaining certificates or finishing general requirements for two and four-year universities at no cost. As these classes are self selected and taken outside of the Northwood schedule, contact your counselor for assistance in course selection.

“I have taken Biotech classes signing up through Northwood, but I’ve also taken classes like Chinese and child developmental psychology on my own time,” junior Stephanie Zeng said. “I’m glad I took these classes because it gave me a chance to explore possible future areas of study and career paths, so you can find out what you do or don’t enjoy.”


Instrumental and Vocal Music (9, 10, 11, 12)

Recognized for numerous regional, statewide and national recognitions, such as the California Exemplary Arts Program and Grammy Signature School awards, Northwood’s strong music program emphasizes the importance of arts throughout elementary and middle school. For anyone that wants to pick up a new instrument or sing with their peers, band, orchestra or choir provide a great learning experience.

“I took orchestra in fourth grade because everyone else I knew did and because I can’t sing, but now I’m glad I took up cello,” freshman Lily Ye said. “I love orchestra a lot because it gives us time to bond over music and more opportunities to see new music.”