Hitting the jackpot: Business and Finance Club soars to new heights


Adrian Chen

Facebook switches it up: Seniors Mihir Joshi and Gabriel Macatula discuss the reasoning behind Facebook’s recent name change to Meta.

Mihir Kulkarni, News Editor

From exploring Kanye West’s “Donda” marketing strategies to covering the booming California real estate market, Northwood’s Business and Finance Club gives students the opportunity to dive deep into the field of economics. 

With last month being National Economics Education Month, the club is pushing to increase economic literacy through its weekly meetings about various topics in economics such as price-earnings ratios and investing strategies. With its unique presentations and activities, the club hopes to give students the opportunity to learn more about economics in an engaging and impactful way.

“I joined business club because I’ve always been interested in finance and this club has allowed me to express this interest at school,” freshman Arjun Patel said. “In the past two meetings I’ve attended, I’ve learned so much and have been able to apply what I learned to my personal life.” 

Along with its club meetings, the club also hosts guest speakers to inform their members about latest market trends, as well as good methods of investment and building up a portfolio. In an increasingly complicated financial world, creating good core habits is essential to succeeding financially. 

“I think economics education is so important with all the things going on in our world,” club president senior Mihir Joshi said. “Knowing basic principles with how to handle money can make a huge difference down the road.”

As winter approaches, the club is heading towards the final stages of their strategy reports for the Wharton Global High School competition, which runs from Sep. 27 to Dec. 3. The competition is a simulation of the stock market, and teams have $100,000 to invest into various companies until the end of the program, when the winner is determined by which team has the best investment strategy.

“Without trying different techniques out for themselves, it is difficult for most people to get a complete grasp on them,” Joshi said. “The competition is great because it is judged on investment strategy and not portfolio growth, so students can focus on trying new techniques rather than buying impulsively.”

If interested in learning more about the financial world, the Business and Investment club meets every Friday at lunch in room 1103. National Economics Education Month or not, learning about finance is a great investment of your time.