Cause a Frock-us: Layered outfits


Matthew Dimaandal

DAPPER DUO: With their layered fits, juniors Salma Iliasu (left) and Kiara Kuriakose (right) are safe from the ever-shifting weather conditions.

Noelle Escalante, A&E Editor

Knowing California weather, Northwood students often experience four seasons in one day. Brisk and foggy mornings quickly shift to peak summer temperatures at noon, with the day ending in the mid-to-high 60s. To accustom to each biome within the 24 hours, also accounting for classroom conditions with the AC and heater, layering different clothing items can allow for comfortable and stylish variations of the same outfit all day long.

Patterned turtleneck under a t-shirt:

Turtlenecks may seem out of place, but when paired with a loose shirt, they can pull an entire outfit together. Patterns such as stripes, grids and houndstooth under a solid color shirt with small embellishments add visual texture. 

Sweater with vest:

Marty McFly may be known for coining this clothing item, but vests fit perfectly with California weather with insulation in the chest area but freedom and movability for the arms. Cool tone vests are best matched with warm colored sweaters, along with patterned pants such as plaid and gingham. During the day, the vest can be taken off and the sweater can be half-tucked into the pants for a clean, relaxed look. 

Sweatshirt with a flannel on top:

Sweatshirts are a staple for comfort, while flannels bring autumn vibes to the next level. Midday, the sweatshirt can be taken off and tied around the waist, with the flannel buttoned up.  

Denim jacket over a sweatshirt: 

For those colder mornings, denim jackets are thick and provide lots of structure for an outfit. Whether black, blue or acid wash, denim jackets paired with a fun colored sweatshirt makes for an unconventional winter outfit. Some possible color combinations include a red sweatshirt with an acid wash, or a yellow sweatshirt with a blue dark wash. 

Graphic tee over a sweatshirt:

Oversized graphic tees over sweatshirts are comfortable and great statement pieces. Contrasting tones such as a black shirt over a grey sweatshirt makes the outfit cohesive. You can try accenting the arm and neck areas, with the hood and sleeves peeking out. 

Even with the wildcard weather in Irvine, ranging from incubated science classrooms to transitioning into the 80 degree weather, there’s still a possibility to be comfortable and versatile. With these tips and tricks, fall and winter outfits can become stylish and bearable, conforming to whatever temperatures we are faced with.