A journey through dance


Ellie Chan

TAKING THE STAGE BY STORM: Even while fully masked, Northwood’s dancers captured the hearts of many through their expressive movements during Fallout.

Eugenie Chang, Managing Editor

Dancers twirled and leaped with grace across the stage, capturing a wide range of emotions from jubilation to sorrow with their movements as they showcased their hard work in a series of  student-choreographed pieces. A whirlwind of eye-catching costumes and upbeat music greeted the eager audience as Northwood’s dancers took the stage to perform “Fallout” on Nov. 10 and 12. 

The show featured many different forms of dance, from classical ballet to jazz, with each dance conveying different messages based on the medium and music. One of the performances that night included “Lost Dreams,” a contemporary piece choreographed by Dance 3 junior Hannah Lu that tells the story of friendship; it portrays a girl who dreams of gaining friendships that then fade away, and it reveals the beauty of finding peace and independence within oneself regardless of the presence of others.

“At first, I was super scared to choreograph, and I was pretty nervous teaching it the first day, but as time passed, I started to become more comfortable,” Lu said. “I love my dancers, and they did such an amazing job. I’ve never felt so honored and proud after performing something until Wednesday and Friday night.”

While the show only lasted a little over an hour, the dancers’ clean technique and precise coordination alluded to the many hours spent hard at work perfecting their dances behind the scenes. 

“We spent a lot of time learning the choreography from the beginning of the school year and practicing up until the show,” Dance Theater senior Sophia Noh said. “We had after school rehearsals for about a week where we ran the entire show with costumes and the other dance levels.”

It was an unforgettable experience for both those involved in the performance as well as the audience. Many of the participants were left with memories and a passion for dance that will linger long after Fallout itself is over. 

“Joining dance, I didn’t expect to get close with so many people, but it’s now something I love because it makes me feel so comfortable to be myself and dance with no shame,” Lu said. “Dance is a place to let your emotions free, become creative and try new things.”