Diving Into New Worlds: The Best Upcoming Video Games

Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer

Sometimes, the immense load of work handed to you can seem a little daunting, and the best option is to escape reality altogether. With a new generation of graphics, stories and gameplay, some of the biggest video game developers in the world have decided it is finally time to release their masterpieces. Look no further for the greatest alternate universe to sink your time into.


Elden Ring:

From the creators of the “Dark Souls” game series, “Elden Ring” seems geared to be one of the greatest video games of all time. The developers of the game, From Software, will upgrade the already amazing graphics of “Dark Souls 3,” adding more boss fights and enemies alongside improvements to the combat and weapon system of the game. They’ve won Game of the Year once, and they’re looking to do it again.


Forza Horizon 5:


The “Forza Horizon” series is widely known as one of the greatest arcade racing games in existence. Allowing the driver free range over a large map representative of real life destinations, the Horizon games give driving a flavor that has never been seen before. Featuring revamped sound design, revolutionary graphics and the beautiful landscapes and roads of Mexico, “Forza Horizon 5” improves on everything it’s predecessor was missing and more. All Horizon fans and newcomers should be ready for this thrilling new ride!


Battlefield 2042:

Electronic Arts

The next installment of “Battlefield” brings together everything the previous games have had to offer and more. Featuring their new “Battlefield Portal” gamemode, players can combine the experiences of all previous Battlefield games into a single match. Now you can take your World War One era weapons into a modern day skyscraper and battle it out until the best player remains.


Halo: Infinite:


The “Halo” series is a game that sparks childhood memories for many people, and “Halo Infinite” takes that sense of nostalgia and cranks it up to infinity. Halo’s classic Master Chief campaign returns with even more content to explore, and its classic multiplayer gamemode is making a return, completely free to play! Feel free to grab all of your friends and rewind back to the early 2000s with this apparent masterpiece.


Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:



Lovers of Pokemon rejoice! Building off of the success of “Pokemon: Sword and Shield,” ILCA brings another installation of Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch. This remake of the 2006 Diamond and Pearl games brings overhauled graphics, a new art style and all of your favorite Sinnoh region Pokemon together in a brilliant and shining adventure.