How to Have the Perfect Body Language

Helia Degan, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how to interact with other humans? Have you ever struggled on how to make the person you are talking to feel like they are being heard? Have you ever struggled on not knowing what topics to talk about that will make people like you? Well read on to learn on!


The YMCA is a dance you should perform whenever you are having a serious conversation to let the other person know that you are listening. Whenever someone needs you, just get into position and do the YMCA. The first letter is Y, showing that you are giving them your utmost attention. Next, an M to show that no mountain can stop you from listening to them. After that, a C to show that you two are communicating. And lastly, an A to show that they are awesome

Stop making eye contact

Having intense eye contact with a person is the worst thing you can do, because staring into someone’s soul is just creepy. So instead of making someone feel like you’re casting a curse on them, you should look up towards the ceiling or sky. Looking up shows the person you are talking to that you are respecting their privacy by not making their soul uncomfortable.

Don’t hide it, sky write it. 

When you just bought a new item or just achieved a new achievement in your success, share it out loud to the whole world. They have to know it all in order to know you best. Hire a skywriter and make them write everything about your life 24/7 so that you do not have to put in the extra work to tell people more about yourself. After a week has passed, create a pop quiz and quiz people around you on how well they know you based on how well they paid attention. If they get anything below an A, do not put much effort into communicating with them. 

Never talk about the same topic

If they are talking about their new cute puppy, talk about your new carpet. This is the perfect way to grab their attention and demonstrate your extensive knowledge on a variety of topics. Before you bring up your own engaging topics you should be polite enough to give them a signal that it is your time and they have talked a lot. All you have to do is clap in their face very loudly and start talking.