Timberwolves Take a Time-out: Northwood’s State of the Student

Annie Lee, Viewpoint Editor

Northwood students participated in State of the Student events on Oct. 12, centered about the theme “The Pack is Back.”
During this mental health day, students were reminded about the importance of looking after one’s mental health and reaching out for help when needed, as students often overwork themselves as they strive for academic achievement.
“State of the Student was a great reminder that my school acknowledges mental health and that I should too because it’s very easy to get caught up in grades, AP classes and homework,” junior Claire Chow said. “Plus, the ice cream sandwich was a sweet way to end the day.”
After an introductory NTV video outlining the day’s events and purpose, students received three wristbands to wear throughout the day, each with a different color that represented different levels of emotional support needed. During 2nd period, students watched an informative video that explained warning signs of violence and suicide at school, as well as ways to anonymously report threats and get help through the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System.
Compared to previous years’ schedules, this year’s schedule gave students an opportunity to explore more subjects of interest. Instead of signing up for a specific workshop offered by clubs on campus for the day, students were able to spend the 25-minute periods at various stations of their choice. The wide variety of activities included cookie decoration, stress ball creation, frisbee golf, rock painting, ladder toss, table tennis and more.
“Drawing chalk on the ground was my favorite activity,” junior Vibha Srinivas said. “I drew whatever I wanted: tacos, peaches and anime girls. It was relaxing and helped me remember to appreciate the little things in life.”
ASB was again in charge of this year’s State of the Student, though modificants we

re made from previous years. For example, the activities were adjusted due to the limitations of the minimum day schedule.
“Because of the minimum all periods day schedule, we set up all of the activities around the main buildings instead of extending out to the field,” ASB member junior Kaylie Chao said. “We planned a lot of hands-on activities so people could connect with peers outside of the classroom.”
The current pandemic still creates barriers to truly feeling connected with each other, but State of the Student helped respark interests and feelings of togetherness that many students struggled with during last year’s hybrid or IVA schedule.
“Ever since the pandemic hit, learning at school has been more stressful,” senior Kaitlyn Cui said. “While the State of the Student events and schedule were different from before, I really appreciate still having a day to reflect on my well-being and remember the sense of community at school.”