Odd October occasions

Rita Lai, Accent Editor

Everyone has heard of Indigenous People’s Day and Halloween, but here are a few lesser-known holidays you might want to consider adding to your yearly calendar. 

October 2nd – Name Your Car Day

If you’ve got your license, you can join the 40% of drivers that give their cars names. Popular inspirations come from movie characters, favorable traits or in the most basic way, the color and model. Supposedly, naming your car can make you feel safer by attributing sentience and personality to your vehicle.

October 11th – National Sausage Pizza Day
Even if all we have for school lunch is pepperoni and cheese pizza, you can still celebrate this day by bringing a few sausages of your own as an additional—and delectable—topping. Or you can close your eyes and take a bite of your imaginary sausage pizza, because it’s the thought that counts.

October 6th and 13th –Transfer Money to Your Daughter and Son Days

If your wallet is feeling empty, give a hint to your parents and let them know how they can participate in a national holiday. Money can be transferred the old-school way through cold hard cash, or with a fancier flair, virtually through phone apps.

October 17th – Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Are all of your computer files saved with various key smashes or do you have a tidy organization system? Maybe start by renaming all the “Copy of __” documents laying around in your Google Drive. 

October 22nd – Caps Lock Day

GO ON, KEEP READING THIS LINE. IS IT TIRING TO READ SHOUTING? It’s interesting how your inner voice changes volume with the capitalization of words. If you’re in a glum mood, start typing in all caps to hype yourself up.

October 25th – Greasy Foods Day

Possibly the most infamous aspect of American cuisine, deep-fried grease is a lovely treat. As you gorge yourself on golden crispy goodness, do keep in mind the leading cause of death in the United States. As long as you don’t go overboard, a little indulgence won’t clog your arteries.