Cheering with the future T-Wolves


Yejin Heo

YOU WISH YOU WERE A T-WOLF: Junior Timberwolves encourage the crowd to cheer at a football game.

Rachel Yokota, Managing Editor

Junior Timberwolves grades K-8 presented their hard work during Northwood’s home game against Portola High with the return of the annual cheer clinic on Sept. 24. 

“This cheer camp shows them what high school is like and gets them super excited about being part of high school,” JV cheerleader sophomore Ashmita Beyyala said. “After the camp, some of the girls even told me that they wanted to come to Northwood when they’re older. This whole environment gets them excited.”

  Alongside the Varsity and JV pep squads, the Junior T-wolves chanted cheers through megaphones and waved blue and white pompoms in front of the student section. 

They also performed a routine to the song “Girl Party” by Mack Z during halftime. 

To prepare for this game, Northwood cheerleaders led the Junior T-wolves in cheer exercises and dances throughout a three-hour workshop on Sept. 22.

“It’s bittersweet that the camp is over so soon,” JV cheerleader sophomore Mia Garner said. “I loved all of our girls. It was so much fun, and I miss it already.”

Due to COVID-19 limitations, the clinic was not held last year. Northwood Cheer was left practicing over Zoom with the absence of the clinic and strict spectator restrictions on athletic seasons.

“Last year, our cheer girls didn’t get as much of an opportunity to not just be a cheerleader for our school, but also they didn’t get much of an opportunity to be a cheerleader for themselves,” Pep Squad Head Coach Emma Zschunke said. “They didn’t get to have Junior T-wolves, or even football. So this camp is a great chance for them to have an event for themselves.”

Through this clinic, cheerleaders are able to resume supporting Northwood pride and school spirit by setting the foundation for a sense of connection and family in future Northwood students through the clinic.

“This camp is a great way for Junior T-wolves to learn more about Northwood by going to their very own football game and learning more about cheerleading,” Varsity Cheer captain senior Kylie O’Leary said. “It’ll be nice to look back and know I was a part of building the supportive and loving community of Northwood.”