Historic sites of OC


Adrian Chen

ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS: Travelers awaiting their flight stroll through a historical gallery at the John Wayne Airport.

Rita Lai, Accent Editor

While waiting in line for your next flight at John Wayne Airport, you may want to take a stroll through the art exhibit located between Terminal B and C. Displayed across the entire length of the wall, the collection of photographs and paintings captures Orange County history from the time of its founding.
The photographs date back to over a century ago at the founding of Orange County in the late 19th century. Landscapes of the OC Parks feature most prominently along with historic sites such as Irvine Ranch and the Old Courthouse.
“It’s hard to see Orange County without all of the buildings and man-made structures, so it was interesting to see how natural it seemed then,” junior Stephanie Zeng said.
Other works such as the ones centered on Sage Hill Historical Park reveal the people of Orange County through the passage of time. While it captures the interior of the old church in the 20th century, there are also photos of the cultural festival held in recent years.
Though the majority of the exhibit consists of historic sites and buildings, a few highlight ordinary citizens. One photo in the Old Courthouse shows a group of friends crowded around old-fashioned ice cream churner tubs, clamoring with boxes of fries in hand to dip.
“It was mostly middle and high schoolers when I was there at the airport,” freshman Anna Cho said. “It really stood out to me how many people still actually appreciate artwork.”
Of course, notable Orange County residents also make an appearance. As a famous Polish actress who had emigrated to a ranch in Anaheim in the 1880s, Helena Modjeska and her home were featured multiple times.