Fun at the Fair: Northwood’s clubs take students for a ride

Erin Tsai and Claire Chien

Northwood’s annual club fair was hosted by ASB at The Oak and SAC during lunch from Sept. 27-28 to introduce and welcome back clubs for the new school year.

Clubs set up tables decorated with colorful posters all around The Oak and SAC to promote their organization to prospective members. New and returning students alike signed up to join email lists as they explored the wide variety of clubs at Northwood from Acapella Club to Muslim Student Association, taking home flyers to remember the activities that interested them the most. Many clubs even passed out personalized stickers and pins to showcase their distinctive club spirit.

“I really enjoyed the club fair because there’s so many clubs going on, and I just want to join them all,” sophomore Julien Valladares said. “I think all the clubs are really diverse.”

After a year of online meetings, many clubs are glad to be back in person. Power of Pages, Northwood’s book club, plans to integrate creative ideas such as book swaps and mini sip-and-studies, as well as host school-wide service projects like book drives.

“This year we hope to get closer as a club and take advantage of the chance to finally meet in-person,” Power of Pages president junior Ayushi Das said. “We’ll be able to have more direct conversations that’ll be easier to engage with—over Zoom, it’s much harder to connect with our members.”
Beyond returning clubs, newer clubs are also ready to kick off exciting activities. Enviro Club hopes to bring attention to current issues in the local community by having club members participate in beach clean-ups, decorate tote bags as an alternative to single-use plastic bags and make t-shirts that promote environmental awareness.

“One of our club goals this year is to organize a large variety of activities for everyone to enjoy, whether you enjoy the scientific aspect of environmental science, want to practice sustainability or want to participate in fun activities in a supportive, positive community,” Enviro Club president junior Sabrina Nazarzai said.

Although Northwood regained a sense of normalcy through the in-person club fair, ASB still had to consider COVID-19 precautions. To prevent students from congregating in one place, clubs were stationed at both The Oak and the SAC. Club sign-ups were done virtually through QR codes and Google Forms to avoid excessive contact.

“For the most part, everything is the same as before,” Clubs Commissioner senior Jenny Zhang said. “We just hope students get involved on campus. The club fair is a great way for students to learn about all Northwood clubs, including the newly approved clubs this semester.”
At this year’s club fair, clubs had the chance to showcase what they have to offer after a slow year of distance learning. Whether you’re looking to make a club in the spring or join an existing one, look out for club information coming your way via the @nhstwolves Instagram account and the Integral app.