Astronaut in the Ocean’s dive into the Top 100

Noelle Escalante, A&E Editor

While Masked Wolf’s song “Astronaut in the Ocean” is treated like a meme on TikTok, the app ultimately let the song reach the Billboard Top 100 in the United States through constant reposts and remixes that was embedded into For You pages for over a month. The song has reached 100 charts in over 46 countries, reaching No. 1 in eight countries after the re-release on Jan. 6.

The first launch of the song originally came out in June 2019 directly under the name Masked Wolf. It had little to no upgrowth, but was later signed to record label Elektra Records near the end of 2020. 

The song currently has over 426 million streams on Spotify, with the single making exponential growth over the past five months of its re-release. 

Masked Wolf, also known as Harry, opened up about how the song deals with themes of mental health and depression from his own experiences. 

“The whole point of ‘Astro’ was to speak more about myself and open up, which was something I wasn’t really doing in life,” he said in the NME interview.

Despite his poor mental state at the time of writing the song, Harry also described how he was able to alter his mentality and feel more confident in his music career.
As of May 7, the artist has released a remix of the song featuring artists such as G-Eazy and DDG, which currently has just over a million streams on Spotify. Masked Wolf’s career will only continue to bloom from this single; this is just the first step on his road to becoming a hip hop sensation.