Showcasing Northwood’s dancers after a hard year


Photo provided by Manjula Swaminathan

Dance 2 students end the Wednesday night show with “Come Alive” from “The Greatest Showman.”

The lights dimmed in the Northwood theater for the first time in months as colorful Bollywood skirts danced across the stage. Applause welcomed the dancers as they twirled to the beat of a lively Bollywood tune. Despite limited in-person practice time, Northwood’s dancers showcased their passion and dedication to the art in their show “Still Dancing” from April 28-30.

“It was exciting. The atmosphere backstage was tense but there was a lot of pumping adrenaline,” Dance 2 freshman Saadhvi Ramkumar said. “It was also a comforting and familiar feeling.”

The performances ranged from upbeat Bollywood pieces to emotional lyricals, showcasing various dance styles including tap, jazz and ballet. The Wednesday show included dancers from all dance levels at Northwood, whereas the Thursday and Friday shows focused on the higher dance levels of Dance 3 and Theater.

Weaving through the rows of the auditorium, audience members took a seat socially distanced from other family members. Although each dancer could only bring two guests from their immediate household, the thrill of the show was undeniable.

The stage truly came to life at the end of the Wednesday night show with the Dance 2 piece “Come Alive” from “The Greatest Showman.” The dancers incorporated different height levels and formations by using boxes to stand on.

“All the dances were amazing, but my favorite has to be the closing one, Come Alive,” Dance 2 freshman Swara Kulkarni said. “I was a part of this piece, and the high energy of the song paired with the quick movements and formations was a great way to end the Wednesday show!”

Dance Theater senior Anessa Davies lit up the stage with her unique and peppy tap dance choreography to “Valerie” from “Glee.” The addicting rhythm of Davies’s tap shoes echoed throughout the auditorium as audience members found themselves tapping their feet along to the beat.

“I was expressing the joy and freedom I felt because I was able to perform again,” Davies said. “This upbeat song reminded me of better times and hope for the future.”

While dancers continue to face new obstacles, “Still Dancing” showed that even if it may seem like the world is on a pause due to the pandemic, Northwood’s dance community is still finding a safe way to celebrate the dancers’ growth over the school year.

“I am still here dancing, doing what I love,” Dance 3 freshman Kristen Lew said, “and nothing is stopping me!”