BTS of sports livestreams

Matthew Dimaandal, Photo Editor

With support from Northwood’s Sports Commissioners and NTV, students are now able to watch live streamed games from the comfort of their own homes despite still being unable to watch in-person. 

In order to set up the livestreams, the Sports Commissioners met with IUSD’s IT Department and were able to provide Wi-Fi and other equipment necessary with the help of Mr. Sellwood and NTV.

“Mr. Sellwood has a wealth of knowledge that we are extremely fortunate to have on our side and has helped to create what we are working with,”  Athletic Director Brandon Emery said. “He has coordinated with his team to help man the cameras so we can ensure that contests are being streamed.”

NTV Crews of two to three people are sent out 30 minutes before a game starts to properly set up. The crews are equipped with a servo-zoom lens camera to ensure that the camera is on-focus during games, and have recently adapted a microphone. The footage and sound is then connected to a Teradek attachment which automatically uploads the feed to for the public to view. 

“Livestreaming the games has been a unique opportunity for NTV to further connect with the Northwood community,” show producer senior Chris Fry said. ”We even get some brand new gear out of it too!” 

Currently, the only sports being live streamed are volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, track and football. Other sports may be livestreamed in the near future. 

Although games cannot be viewed in-person unless invited with specialized tickets available to two members of the players’ immediate household, students are excited to be able to support their teams virtually. 

“I found it really enjoyable to view sports again as I wouldn’t be able to go see them in person,” junior Xuchao Li said. “Obviously, viewing our school compete live is much more thrilling and exciting in comparison to live streaming, but seeing it online is still much better than not seeing it at all.”