Peek into Fine Arts Week

Rachel Gima, Sports Editor

Brightly painted posters and decorative sidewalk chalk around The Oak welcomed students into school on April 12 to celebrate Fine Arts Week, dedicated to the multitude of classes, students and staff involved in the Fine Arts programs.

The week, orchestrated by Fine Arts Commissioners junior Haley Chan and senior Katelynn Pi as well as the rest of the Interdisciplinary Arts Council, involved on-campus and virtual events. Students watched videos on the NHS Den YouTube channel along with Instagram Reels and posts where teachers and peers discussed their experience with the arts.

“Throughout the school year, I find that I am very busy and can’t attend many of the concerts and performances, so Fine Arts Week provides another opportunity to see all of the talents at Northwood,” senior Allison Dong said. “In addition, many of my friends are in different art classes and I enjoy getting to see what they have been working on.”

Students in various fine arts classes have been working diligently to adapt to drastically different environments despite facing the cancelation of many performances, galleries and displays. In an effort to address the unprecedented situation students and staff alike found themselves in this school year, this Fine Arts Week encapsulated the theme “Out of Our Element.”

“This year, we’ve all been pushed outside our comfort zone, and while the arts have been hit hard, the artists behind it all have been extremely resilient,” Pi said. “The goal of our Fine Arts Week was to encourage people to venture out of their element while showcasing the amazing artists we have at Northwood. As a student, this week is one of my ways to thank our VAPA teachers for everything they have sacrificed and done to provide their students not just a community, but a family.”

To accomplish these goals, Fine Arts Week had various activities throughout the week in class and on social media. A Fine Arts NTV episode played during Advisement, featured different choreographies of the same song, a virtual backstage tour of the theater on the NHS Den YouTube channel, a Jazz Jam IGTV video, Teacher Trivia and student spotlights.

“Fine Arts Week is so important because it highlights the various arts programs that are offered at Northwood,” senior Anessa Davies said. “Everyone is extremely gifted and it is great that they get a chance to be recognized for their talent.”

Many of the activities from the week will be available for online viewing for the foreseeable future, celebrating the collective effort of students and staff that continues to make the Northwood Fine Arts program shine.

“Northwood takes pride in our extensive arts programs,” Chan said. “Fine Arts Week is not just about the different arts disciplines, but it’s about the students, the staff and the community. Here at Northwood, you make some of your closest and best friends in your VAPA classes. These people become your family, and that is what we celebrate during Fine Arts Week.”