The Latest Spring Fashion Trend

Helia Dehghanzadeh, Writing Apprentice

We love fashion, we’ve got style, why not just make it simple? This recent spring fashion trend brings basic to fantastic: bralette tops. 

First things first, what are bralette tops? A bralette top is way different from a regular bra; a bralette is comfortable and easy to wear and a bra is notoriously uncomfortable. While a bra functions as support and is not made for outdoor use on its own,a bralette is made out of thin fabrics, a less supportive material. Bralettes can be worn as a bra, but they are really made to be fashion statements when worn as a regular crop top.

The first bralette was made by Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1914 out of handkerchiefs. This incredible fashion piece was birthed from her desire for a clear lining underneath her dress rather than wearing a tight corset, according to The Atlantic. Later on, bralette tops were worn more throughout the 1990s and now to the modern day. As Vogue magazine put it, “2020 is all about flashing the flesh.”

“Wearing bralettes can make some women feel empowered or more confident. I personally like outfits where no specific piece garners too much attention and all parts of the outfit work together to make the look interesting,” junior Zeynep Karatas said. 

In this time of spring, this trend has resurfaced with many women wearing bralette tops in hot weather, giving way to a style that accentuates femininity and most importantly, body positivity. 

“I think modern bralette tops are cute because it can be worn with a variety of other clothes,” senior Andi Gutierrez said.

Here are some tips for how to fashionably style a bralette! A black or dark green bralette  top pairs great with regular jeans. For a pop star-esque look, pair the top with a silver or white mini skirt; or throw on a jacket, some sunglasses and a hand bag for a modern but chic look. To top it off, put on high black boots or just plain old sneakers to let everyone know that you’re ready for that photoshoot.

One option to find the best bralette top is Urban Outfitters, which has an appealing, semi-basic style with reasonable prices ranging from around $18-40. Another store is Victoria’s Secret, but it is much more expensive, with most bra tops starting at $50.

Fashion has come a long way to a more comfortable and appealing style in the 2000s. It is your choice to buy the bra top at the right place to feel confident and comfortable with snazzy style!