Graduation made in-person

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

Seniors from all of IUSD high schools will have an in-person graduation ceremony, as communicated on March 9 via Northwood Principal Leslie Roach’s email update.

While further details are expected to be confirmed in early April, the occasion will be split into at least two separate in-person ceremonies, which will be socially distanced and livestreamed. Each graduate will be allowed two guests.

“This year has been tough for seniors, and now that we have an in-person graduation, I feel more motivated and hopeful,” senior Ashley Weimer said. “After all, we’ve been in education for over 12 years waiting for this moment!”

Plans for an in-person graduation have become the light at the end of the tunnel for many seniors, especially as the prospects of other traditions such as prom are looking grim because they are unstructured events and thus, harder to plan in compliance to health guidelines.

“I honestly didn’t expect to have a graduation, considering how the pandemic has cancelled everything,” senior Ashlyn Hoang said. “We haven’t gotten to do many end-of-high school activities with each other, so graduation is our last chance to celebrate together.”

An in-person ceremony has been made possible due to resounding support from IUSD high school principals to recognize this milestone to the fullest extent, along with collaboration between the IUSD office and the Orange County Health Care Agency.

“The Class of 2021 has endured this pandemic with grace,” Roach said. “Certainly there were some things that the seniors missed, but it has been great to see how well they have continued to be creative and support one another during this crazy time—keep it up!”