Northwood’s Got Talent: T-wolves perform at annual talent show


Photos provided by Northwood ASB

Golden-buzzer Worthy: Junior Anjana Narasimhan (left) showcases her speed-painting after being introduced by hosts seniors Daniel Moshayedi and Alexis Compton (right).

Yejin Heo, Staff Writer

The Northwood Talent Show aired on the NHS Den YouTube Channel on March 8, showcasing a diverse collection of performances from students and teachers.

Planned by freshman class council, the virtual show featured seniors Alexis Compton and Daniel Moshayedi as the hosts, who introduced the pre-submitted acts and offered entertaining transitions between the performances.

“We organized with the hosts of the talent show and with an editor from ASB to put together the actual video,” freshman class vice president Kristie To said. “I’m proud that our video reached 1,000 views, deeming it as the most viewed video on the NHS Den YouTube.”

One act featured freshman Joy Bae and sophomore Catie Jamieson, performing a dance number to the song “Nowadays & Hot Honey Rag” from the 2002 film “Chicago.” The pair frequently rehearsed at the Northwood dance studio to discuss how to block, choreograph and film their musical theatre number.

“I love that you are able to express yourself through motions in dance, and those emotions are delivered onto the audience as well,” Bae said. “I also love the fact that you are working out while having fun.”

Another performer, junior Anjana Narasimhan, has been passionate about painting since she was three years old. She found her love for speed painting in her freshman year when she showcased her talent for the first time at Northwood’s 2019 Talent Show with a striking portrait of Oprah. This year, she chose a Rajasathni woman to paint.

“I chose this picture because of her eyes and Indian heritage,” Narasimhan said. “The eyes reflected power and strength, and I wanted to convey this through my artwork.”

Speed painting requires skill, concentration and flexibility, which Narasimhan harnesses through daily practice and confidence-boosting music. She is passionate about releasing new, bold and innovative work into the artistic community.

“Anyone can do art regardless of talent and skill, which is what makes it beautiful,” Narasimhan said.

Art in all forms brings people together. The 2020-21 Talent Show represented the spirit of Northwood and the continued support for performers’ hard work.

“My favorite part about planning the talent show was giving the student body the opportunity to showcase their skills and hobbies,” To said. “The talent show was a great way to increase student engagement and promote school spirit.”