2021 fashion forecasts: Trends to shop

Rachel Gima, Sports Editor

With no place to go outside, we all began to focus on ourselves, becoming more conscious of how we present ourselves when we are around others. Fashion is an integral part of this, and as a result, we saw multiple fashion trends highlighted in 2020, from outfit-coordinated masks to biker shorts. As the year begins, new trends trademarked to 2021 are only getting started on their rise to popularity. We made a few trend predictions here, so you have plenty of time to pull together various outfits for Zoom meetings, in-person school days and all your trips to Trader Joe’s.

Quilted jackets:

A type of puffer coat, these quilted jackets have been fairly popular already this winter, and many different celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Blake Lively, were seen wearing one during the Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week at the end of last year. These warm, versatile jackets have different looks, from a leather sheen to a trench coat, and can function as the backdrop of sweatpants, jeans, sweaters or t-shirts, or can become statement pieces of their own.

Intricately colored and patterned pieces:

In 2020, we saw the rise of the strawberry dress. In 2021, we’re taking this multiple steps further with not only dresses, but camisoles, sweaters, coats and more, with bright colors, intricate patterns and designs in floral and fruity themes. Many looks recall previous decades, such as the digital flower print tops that are making a comeback from the 90s.

Oversized men’s clothing:

Dad jeans, dad shoes and now dad shirts. Specifically, oversized button-downs are becoming increasingly popular, in styles that range from casual t-shirts with jeans to full suits, often in a solid color. Clothing pieces work together to create a comprehensive outfit, while shoes can be paired with jeans or dresses for different occasions. This trend has evolved from streetwear to class, an example being monochrome suits.


The fashion industry has recognized that fast fashion has irreversible environmental impacts, and many people have turned to vintage, or secondhand, clothing to add to their wardrobes. One downside people have experienced is that these clothes don’t fit perfectly, and not everyone is savvy with a sewing machine. Belts have been around forever, but are becoming an increasingly popular fix to this problem. Now, larger monochrome belts fasten suits and formal dresses, while utilitarian belts act as the slimmer, chicer version of fanny packs.

Chunky flats:

Comfortable and versatile, these shoes come in a variety of shapes and styles that accommodate their look. Men and women alike are styling these shoes, including loafers, sandals and babydoll flats, with casual and formal outfits alike. Last year, Birkenstocks, the beloved lazy sandal, saw a sharp spike in popularity. While we don’t expect that trend to fade too much, chunky flats have a high chance of being the next revolutionary shoe: They’re easy to wear, comfortable and their unique look can cinch together an outfit.