Northwood cares: Student Forum runs donation drive


Kaylee Charlton

Assembled with Care: Student Forum carefully boxes donated materials and thank-you cards to create COVID-19 care packages.

Ryan Wu, Staff Writer

Student Forum (SF) assembled hundreds of COVID-19 care packages from Jan. 26-29 for underprivileged women in the Casa Teresa programs, taking an active approach to benefit the Southern California populace.

“I am extremely proud of the work that everyone in Student Forum has pitched in as we spent many Friday afternoons planning the logistics,” SF president senior William Pan said. “Through everyone’s efforts, I think this has been one of the best things our school has done.”

From Jan. 11-22, students contributed critical items to the care packages via a donation drive, including face masks, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers and clothing.

In total, SF secured enough essentials to create 100 large care packages as well as 500 small care packages.

A letter drive was also held, giving students a chance to spread words of positivity and motivation for the Casa Teresa beneficiaries.

“Most of us, especially those of vulnerable populations, are experiencing more stress than usual, and it’s especially important for us to support these people and bring hope to a brighter future,” SF member sophomore Shani Lin said.

Casa Teresa was founded to support pregnant women who suffer from homelessness, substance abuse and mental health disorders, offering residential programs and resources to help them reenter society as self-sufficient individuals.

After completing this project, SF plans to continue supporting the communities of Northwood and beyond.

“We will be back in the spring semester with other ideas and projects that will bring our community insight into the good that can be found despite the pain last year has brought,” Pan said. “Tomorrow will be a new day.”