A guide to Northwood’s art gallery


Joy Kim

ONE, TWO, THREE, SMILE: Senior Kamryn Scott was in- spired by a painting in a restaurant in Buffalo, New York.

Rachel Gima, Sports Editor

The virtual art gallery on the NHS Den website displays the art of several VAPA students, showcasing their talent despite the limits that the pandemic has placed on creative collaboration and appreciation.

The fine arts commissioners junior Haley Chan and senior Katelynn Pi asked students to share a piece of art they created in one of their classes here at Northwood. The gallery displays varieties of artworks from 11 students, including photos, sketches, dances, embroidery and even old school projects, all of which have interesting messages and backstories.

“For my Humanities 9 Capstone, I decided to make a cartoon to make the historical content interesting for my class who had to listen to my presentation,” junior Simran Patel said. “I included a giraffe with a picture of my English teacher, Mr. Wroe, as its face, because he’s insanely tall,” “I entered it into the gallery because I’m proud of my project, not just because I got a 100%, but also because I really like how art can make everything more fun.”

Artists also used this platform to convey various symbolic messages through their depictions, drawing inspiration and parallels to famous artists and pieces, the environment and social justice. The end result is a collection of meaningful works that advocate for different issues and can connect with a wide audience.

“What I wanted to illustrate through my piece was that women, no matter their background, can come together and create change and further the fight for gender equality,” senior Jin-Kim Niu said about her piece “Hand in hand.”

Other featured artists drew inspiration from their personal lives, incorporating their unique experiences and cultures to create narratives that resonate with people despite their personal nature.

“When I created ‘Weight of the World,’ I was inspired by the idea that people, even myself, tend to compress the emotions that we’re sometimes too scared to confront up until the point that it all suddenly explodes,” sophomore Yusrah Khan said. “The project was based on expression and at the time, I thought that it was a relatable emotion for many people.”

The gallery will remain on the website throughout the school year. It will be updated periodically with new additions, and all Northwood students who would like to are encouraged to submit their own artwork to be featured at bit.ly/nhsartgallery. Although all of the artworks displayed in the gallery are unique and interesting in their own ways, they are more meaningful as one collection that highlighted our student body as a whole.

“Providing the opportunity to show off artwork created by our peers furthers our goal of preserving and advocating for creativity through art,” Pi said. “For a lot of people, the arts are a safe space where their emotions can best be expressed. Our virtual gallery highlights our twolves’ creativity, and we hope it inspires you to create just as much as it does for us.”