Personalized spooky reads


Coco Tsaur

HOLD ON, JUST ONE MORE PAGE: A Northwood student is deeply immersed in a nov- el titled “12 Rules for Life” with a cozy, warm blanket and stuffed animal by her side.

Jonathan Kang, Editor-in-Chief

As the scariest time of the year rolls back around, many of us are wondering how to safely celebrate Halloween this year, especially with mandatory social distancing. But even if our plans end up getting canceled, you can always curl up in a chair and indulge in a wonderful book. In anticipation of Halloween night, here is a list of books you should read based on how you typically celebrate Halloween.

Staying at Home:

If you typically stay at home for Halloween, a long novel that focuses on expansive world-building such as “The Name of the Wind” will certainly captivate you. Although it’s long, it has a strong emphasis on mystery and suspense, following the story of a young man named Kvothe who solves the myriad of problems he encounters on his journeys. The addition of mythical creatures and beasts makes it a perfect novel to dive into on a night like Halloween.


If you enjoy trick-or-treating, classics such as “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” are perfect for enjoying Halloween traditions even if the pandemic prevents you from knocking door to door. “Dracula” is a complex narrative that has come to shape depictions of vampires in popular media, and “Frankenstein” recounts the creation of a creature hideous in appearance yet only wanting love.

Going to Halloween Parties:

If attending Halloween parties is a tradition of yours, the novel “Misery” by Stephen King will definitely keep you on your toes. The novel is primarily focused on the relationship between Paul Sheldon, an acclaimed writer, and Annie Wilkes, a fan who is revealed early on to be layered in mystery, crime and misery. Following a car accident, Wilkes brings Sheldon to her home, and Sheldon soon realizes that he needs to escape from Wilkes, who is trying to force him to stay. The constant suspense, layered action and flawed characters all make “Misery” a perfect novel to read instead of attending a party.

Visiting Haunted Houses/Scary Theme Parks:

If you traditionally visit Haunted Houses for Halloween, “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson will certainly make you think twice about going to another. It is a short but consistently terrifying story about a mansion named Hill House that Dr. John Montague, an investigator of the supernatural, wants to explore. Hill House is famous for odd occurrences such as manic suicide and paranormal deaths, and Montague aims to prove the existence of the supernatural by finding it in Hill House. After inviting three other guests to stay at the mansion with him, they begin to witness paranormal experiences such as doors closing and noises coming from unoccupied rooms.