Virtual Space


Helena Zhou, Staff Writer

With classes now online, many of you may be inclined to continuously hit snooze, wake up two minutes before class and sit behind your cluttered desk in pajamas. To overcome your teenage apathy and procrastination in the novel landscape of online learning, start crossing the frontiers of your comfort zone by tidying up your room. After, you can explore the horizons by hanging fairy lights, setting up photo gallery walls, adding hanging plants and scrolling through Pinterest for room inspiration. 

But for those of you uninterested in redecorating your room, virtual backgrounds are the way to go. Here are the top virtual backgrounds to spice up your Zoom experience: 

  1. Michael Scott’s office from “The Office.” Warning: It looks awfully realistic—your unsuspecting classmates may mistake it for your actual room. Aside from being the scene for one of the greatest television series of all time, this virtual background will also give you the confidence of a regional manager and empower you to unmute yourself and participate in class discussions. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  2. Northwood itself. What better way to show school spirit than to set your Zoom background to a picture of Northwood? In the midst of social distancing and isolation, this background will make you feel like you’re back at school in person again!
  3. The iconic default virtual background: the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s scenic. It’s tranquil. It’s gorgeous. This background will give you the image of a well-traveled, worldly person. Not only that, but the blue waters will nicely complement your face and give you a dazzling glow.
  4. Minecraft Plains. Its beautiful meshing of nature and the digital world create a combination perfect for online learning. The green grass, blue skies, and square clouds can help reconnect you with the outdoors while indoors.
  5. A normal home office is always a safe choice. Lots of variety and choice comes with this background: whether or not you want bookshelves, plants, whiteboards, windows, or more, it’s all up to you!