Vaccine supercenters opening in California


HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH: Disneyland has opened as a mass vaccination site.

Cameron Arcand, Viewpoint Editor

Large vaccination centers are opening up throughout Southern California as a way to accelerate the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the state.

Disneyland’s Toy Story parking lot is Orange County’s biggest vaccination center, bringing a different kind of traffic to the park that has been closed since March 2020.

“We have the plan, the facilities, the staffing and the will to do at least 1.5 million vaccinations per month,” Orange County Supervisor Doug Chaffee said, according to the Orange County Register

Vaccinations began earlier this month throughout California for first responders such as nurses and EMTs. Currently, anyone over the age of 65 is eligible to receive the vaccine and is encouraged to do so. 

Another popular tourist attraction, Dodger’s Stadium, is helping with Los Angeles County’s effort to bring the pandemic to an end. Los Angeles County is considered one of the most dangerous places in the nation for COVID-19 spread, with 10 residents testing positive every minute, KTLA reported.

“Gov. Newsom & Mayor Garcetti on hand to witness first mass vaccinations at iconic park,” Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell tweeted on Jan. 15 regarding the vaccination center at Dodger Stadium. “This is the proverbial Ark of our time, one among other sites to help end the global suffering.”

Orange County Health Agency states that teachers in Orange County may qualify for the vaccine starting next month. People ages 16 to 49 with underlying health conditions may also be eligible for vaccination in February as well. As for students and the general public, many will have to wait a while longer before they can be vaccinated.