Modern-day witchcraft and manifestation

From ghosts to zombies and vampires to Frankensteins, almost everyone has some form of mythical creature on their mind as Halloween draws near. Witches are no doubt a part of these ghoulish list of creatures, but are they really some fictional creature? To some, the long-nosed witches with pointy hats are just tall tales fabricated centuries ago, remnants of the medieval era, but witches still ex ist in the modern day—and they are vastly different from the stereotypical witch!

While there is no concrete definition of what a modern day witch is, they can be described as people who practice witchcraft or the manipulation of already existing energy. Witches are able to use this energy to work with their intention, which is the purpose of what they’re trying to achieve. A witch’s intention could be protection or positivity. But how do modern day witches practice witchcraft?

Alex Fleming is a junior at Northwood and one of these modern witches. They have been practicing for almost a year, researching how to practice modern witchcraft.

“Your practice of witchcraft is your own path that you personally want to follow,” Fleming said.

There is no singular form of witchcraft that is practiced, although brewing potions and casting spells are certainly a part of it. One form of practice is Kitchen Witchcraft, where certain cooking ingredients are used for different intentions; for example, blackberries represent healing and protection and pepper could be used as a warning to “back off.”

“Intention is the manipulation of preexisting energy,” Fleming said. “Everything has a certain energy and I manipulate that energy to work with my intention.”

Witches achieve their intentions in a variety of ways, one of them be ing manifestation, or physically creating something through your thoughts and feelings. Manifestation can happen through potions and spells. The crafting of modern-day potions are similar to witches brewing potions in the past, as they both brewed for a specific effect they wanted to achieve. Ingredients that are used in potions relate to the witch’s intentions.

Other than manipulating the energy for intentions, witches are able to use the energy for divination; the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or unknown. Witches are able to use tarot cards, which can be a specialized deck or regular playing cards, to answer a question about the future. Specific cards have different meanings such as positivity or accomplishment. To use tarot cards, witches ground themselves by clearing their minds. They think of a question and use the card to answer their question.

The history of witchcraft has a dark history of witch trials and hunt ing, but modern day witches have taken that dark history and flipped it all the way around. These days, witchcraft is used by many women and men around the world as a method of empowerment. The concept of power and magic that witchcraft revolves around provide a sense of security and individuality. Additionally, witchcraft is something that has become accessible to everyone. Witches all over the world have agreed that you don’t need any money or other prerequisites to become a witch.

What most people don’t realize about witchcraft is that some of it is integrated into some of our most well known traditions. One of them being birthday candles. The act of having a wish and blowing candles is much similar to candle magic, which uses candles as a way to enhance a witch’s intention. When we think about witchcraft, it’s not about casting spells and brewing potions. It’s about what a witch wants to achieve.