Soundtrap collab


Photo provided by Andrew Chao

MUSIC PRODUCTION 101: Junior Andrew Chao spends time on his laptop making a beat from scratch on Soundtrap.

Matthew Dimaandal and Tyler Wong

Soundtrap, a web-based music studio that allows students to create their own music or podcast, was recently implemented by IUSD’s Visual and Performing Arts program, allowing students to continue their music education online.

Utilized in guitar, band, jazz, orchestra and choir classes, Soundtrap features a range of possible assignments, from creating original songs to making recordings with other musicians. A collaborative component permits multiple students to work together on a single project.

“Soundtrap will allow the most important thing for our classes, which is collaboration,” Northwood Instrumental Music Director Whitney Tavlarides said. “I also have access as a collaborator in my students’ studios within the program. I can see their progress and their recordings.”

Although Soundtrap has provided a unique way for students to interact with music virtually, some miss the communal experience of performing in a large ensemble.

“There is a big difference in that we are creating our own music independently or in small groups instead of working together as a whole band,” junior Andrew Chao said.

But with large performance groups out of the question for now, Northwood has shifted the emphasis of their courses to composition rather than performance—a facet that previous music classes lacked.

“Soundtrap is very innovative and easy to learn,” sophomore Noelle Rhee said. “Our music teacher is also making it very interesting by assigning fun projects where we have to produce our own music.”

Although the pandemic has drastically affected how extracurricular activities function, Northwood pushes forward to provide opportunities for student musicians to cultivate different areas of their music education. With Soundtrap being implemented for the first time in IUSD, we can only wait and see the musical possibilities created by Northwood’s musicians.