Welcoming the new season with safe traditions

Rachel Gima and Diego Moreno

The cooler weather and reddening leaves signal the beginning of autumn, and with it a variety of activities to do, even if they may look a little different this year. The Howler has compiled a list of some of Northwood students’ favorite fall activities that you can do this season. Just remember to wear a mask, maintain distance and stay safe!

Nature Walks:

Take a stroll through the scenic trails that cut through Northwood communities, transformed by colorful leaves lining the sidewalks and the mild weather that accompanies this time of year.

“My family likes taking walks on the trails near our house in the evening,” freshman Keira Patel said. “The weather is nice too because it’s warm outside but there’s cool breezes that come through.”

Pumpkin Carving:

Trick-or-treating and other traditional Halloween plans might be cancelled this year, but you can still show your love for the spooky season by carving some pumpkins.

“When we moved to America, our friends introduced pumpkin carving to us and it was one of the first times my family spent time together and had fun,” junior Kryshia Artienda said.

All you have to do is stop by your local grocery store and pick out your favorite pumpkin and a couple of carving tools from Target, Amazon or any convenient retail store. Adorned with the classic toothy smile or even your own face, put your gourd-geous design on display for the neighborhood and have a spooktastic Halloween.

Fall Movies:

Sometimes there’s nothing better than staying indoors and watching seasonal movies. Some fall classics to choose from include “Charlie Brown,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (a dual-holiday movie), “Monsters Inc,” and “Goosebumps.” Grab some popcorn and candy, gather the family in the living room and press play to get lost in the movies of the season.

Sunday Night Football:

Fall marks the beginning of the National Football League season with many families spending Sunday afternoons relaxing together as they root for their favorite teams.

“My favorite thing about it is just feeling the excitement when our team succeeds,” sophomore Aditya Sheth said. “It’s an important tradition for me because it connects my family as we watch together and cheer together.”

Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can always pass the time with commercials and have fun attempting to understand the game. Get yourself a plate of nachos, chips and dip, a coaster, cup of your favorite soft drink and enjoy Sunday nights for the rest of fall.

Despite all the changes that have occurred this year, many fall traditions don’t have to change—and the ones that do can change for the better. The classic fall traditions can still be done with or without the usual human interaction as long as you’re creative enough. From the Howler staff to you, spend this fall season staying safe and have fun.