Zooming into the club fair


Photo provided by Jasmine Chhabria

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Arya Bhattacharjee and Erin Tsai

The virtual club fair was live streamed on the NHS Den Youtube channel at 4 p.m. from Sept. 14-18, showcasing many of Northwood’s new and returning clubs.

The fair, hosted by Clubs Commissioners juniors Jasmine Chhabria and Snigdha Maddula, featured two club representatives introducing activities that students can participate in throughout the year, such as fundraising events, competitions and concerts.

“We wanted to take this week as an opportunity for the student body to learn about the wonderful experiences offered by our clubs, despite our circumstances,” Maddula said. “Through learning more about our rich club culture at Northwood, we can grow together as a student body and help each other become the best version of ourselves.”

The transition from in-person to virtual club meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been different for each club. While some community service clubs still offer contactless service projects, many sports and music clubs have had to rework activities into a virtual format due to potential safety concerns.

“A big part of our club was meeting up in the gym so that everyone could play rallies, but we’re not able to do that this year,” Birds of a Feather president junior Sharon Leo said. “We’re figuring out ways to still have fun interactions with our club members and enjoy badminton from the safety of our homes.”

Musicians United in Service and Entertainment (MUSE) takes a different approach to transitioning online. With its Discord server, MUSE fosters a community of musicians through questions-of-the-day and memes and still plans to hold virtual concerts for senior centers.

Although different from previous years, the virtual club fair still gave students a chance to explore the clubs available at Northwood.

“Taking some time to participate in Northwood’s phenomenal clubs allows the student body to be an active member in Northwood’s culture and community,” Chhabria said. “Seeing my friends, organizing meetings and being part of something bigger than myself makes me happy!” Students interested in creating their own clubs this year can find the application form at nhsden.org/clubs, due Oct. 2.