Counseling support amid academic model changes


Photos provided by Daniel Murillo

MEET THE COUNSELING DEPARTMENT: Allison Singer, Megan Keller, My Kiakotos, Mi Jin Kim, Megan Ostovarpour and Kate West are ready to tackle the challenges of the new year by offering unwavering support.

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

Though you may not be headed back to campus in person yet, never fear: the counselors are not going anywhere. They are dedicated to finding solutions to any obstacles the students may come across and will establish regular office hours. Counselors will also communicate with students and parents virtually, using online learning platforms such as Canvas.

“All counselors will meet virtually via Zoom for now, and we are all very responsive to emails,” Head Counselor Allison Singer said.

Counselors will also take advantage of school and community resources to oversee student academic progress, offer age appropriate programs that address students’ unique social and emotional needs and provide college and career assistance to seniors. While in-person meetings are preferred, they may be conducted virtually if face-to-face contact continues to be limited.

In the meantime, Singer suggests that all students utilize the online platforms that they may already be familiar with, such as the school website, Canvas, the Northwood counseling team’s Instagram, as well as the calendar and reminder apps on their phones to stay on top of school work. She highly recommends that students constantly check their emails and link Canvas announcements to their personal emails in order to stay updated.

“Embrace this new way of learning and put your knowledge of technology to good use,” Singer said. “Virtual connection and engagement is decidedly more difficult, but it’s manageable. You can do this!”