Students on the loss of sports


Coco Tsaur

PLAYING WITH PASSION: Juniors Travis Arena and Ali Alas- seel engage in a post-touchdown celebration, showing team spirit.

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

With the sudden closing of schools and transition to Emergency Distance Learning came the cancellation of Spring sports for the season, leaving many seniors disheartened, as they would miss the final games and practices of their high school career. Although senior athletes were especially let down, many are finding ways to cope with COVID-19 and remain active in the safety of their own homes.

“I’ve been trying to stay in shape since we aren’t in season, and I’m trying to do wall ball as much as I can,” Girls Lacrosse varsity captain senior Ashley Peters said. “I bought a net with my teammate, so we try to shoot at the tennis courts.”

Peters also plans on starting a local women’s lacrosse club team in Irvine during her next two years of college, taking advantage of the time in quarantine to expand her sport in the community and perfect her game as well.

The Girls Lacrosse team has also been having weekly team dinners through the video conferencing app Zoom, maintaining a sense of normalcy in otherwise hectic times and helping the team develop bonds with one another.

Similarly, the Track and Field team has been holding regular check-ins through Zoom, allowing seniors to connect with their teammates despite being unable to practice together. The Track and Field coaches also planned a night car parade in celebration of the graduating seniors, giving them all personalized law signs.

“I was devastated at first because we had been working so hard and so many new personal records were expected,” Track and Field athlete senior Stacy Kim said. “But all of the coaches’ efforts have been helping us persevere through this hard time.”

Although the heightened risks of the disease and prolonged stay- at-home order has been discouraging, many seniors have optimistic outlooks for the future, despite having their seasons cut short due to the pandemic.

“Make the most out of quarantine and use this time to discover what you love and who you really are,” Kim said.