What was, will be, what will be, was


Gabriel Dimaandal, AR Editor

Like most of my articles, it was two in the morning when I figured out what I wanted to write. It took longer than usual, that’s for sure. Having the freedom to write about anything I want can be paralyzing.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has come to define my senior year. I’ll always remember these past few months – not just because of what’s been taken from me, but what I have forgotten as a result.

I need a reminder. A reminder of what I’ve learned throughout my time at Northwood. Because while this pandemic has taken away three months of my time here, I won’t allow it to take away the other 33. So here are a couple of reminders of what I learned.


To my freshman self:

– Take your “easy” classes seriously—it’s going to be real awkward trying to explain how you didn’t qualify for EM2 to your friends.

– It took you until senior year to start wearing earplugs to rallies. Start using them now – you’ll thank me later.

– Dancing during Ob-la-di isn’t embarrassing. Remember to have fun.

– Practice your singing. It’s a handy skill to have.


To my sophomore self:

– Give clubs and organizations a second chance – they aren’t as pointless as you think.

– Yes, you were right to not go to the casual dances. They aren’t your thing anyway.

– Keep in touch with your teachers. Not just because of LoRs, but because you’ll feel guilty for not doing so.

– It gets rough from here. Keep a schedule and maintain discipline.


To my junior self:

– It will look bleak, but the last three months of the year will make everything worth it. Enjoy your time together, no matter how long it lasts.

– Yes, the hints are obvious.

– There are going to be some dark times ahead – don’t be afraid of looking for help from your teachers and friends. They will be the eye of your storm.

– Don’t let your hand tremors make you doubt your abilities.


To my senior self:

– Make sure your keys are in your pocket before you leave the truck.

– Yes, the last minute ACT is well worth it.

– Spend the time to say a proper good- bye to all of your teachers on your last day. You will not be back for a long time.


To my current self:

– Give each story you make its proper beginning and ending. You will have no idea how long the story will last – but be happy you had the chance to write it at all.