Holding onto music


Graphic provided by Kathleen Pan

A D.I.Y. ATTEMPT: Sophomore Kathleen Pan includes self-made graphics as a background for her music video.

Jonathan Kang, Editor-in-Chief


Since a large part of music involves the spirit of playing together and creating something collectively, music can be difficult to produce while we are isolated in quarantine. Nevertheless, students in Northwood’s Instrumental Music Program are still finding ways to create music at home.

Although Instrumental Music Directors Ben Case and Whitney Tavlarides are assigning musical projects during Emergency Distance Learning, some students are taking their commitment further. Sophomore Kathleen Pan turned her assigned flute cover of “Love Like You” by Rebecca Sugar into a full-scale music video dedicated to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

“My inspiration for the music video was my mom, who is currently working in healthcare in Los Angeles, and all those who continue practicing kindness such as local nurses and doctors,” Pan said. ““Love Like you” fits the current time when we are giving back to those we love, especially those putting others before themselves.”

Pan and many other students are creating music to conserve the spirit of a community that has become increasingly scarce in these unprecedented times. The music that they produce is a reminder of what can be done to help others in quarantine, even when there is no access to the resources that we have previously taken for granted.

“I have been playing music that my parents and friends love in order to help them feel less lonely,” Pan said. “This is a stressful time, so do something that will help you.”