Welcome, future Timberwolves!

Rachel Gima and Hari Sreeramagiri

The worst part about a rollercoaster is the wait. Anticipation increases as you inch closer to the top, trying to overcome your mounting nerves. It’s about to start. Buckle up, 8th graders, because you’re about to embark on the best rollercoaster yet: high school.


Luckily, Northwood provides plenty of opportunities for students to express themselves, from deafening cheers during Pep Rallies to the buzz and bustle of club meetings. This vibrant environment contributes to Northwood’s reputation of successful students. Whether it’s in the arts, academics or sports, NHS faculty works with each student to provide challenges that foster growth and create a healthy learning environment.

At Northwood, help is available anytime you need it. Tutorial, a 35-minute period held twice a week, is the perfect time for students to catch up on homework and review material with their teachers. Furthermore, peer tutoring is offered after school Monday through Thursday from 2-3 p.m. Your Link Crew leaders, counselors and teachers will also always be there to discuss any questions and concerns you might have.

As the first day of high school approaches and your rollercoaster sets off on its course, remember that through the ups, downs, twists and turns, we’re all in this together. Because here at Northwood, we rally together for the good of the pack.