Introducing Link Crew: the link to success


Mitul Kalra

FORMING THE LINK: Link Crew provides a warm welcome to incoming students on Freshman Kick-Off day.

Nawal Abdul, Staff Writer

As you embark on your first year of high school, Northwood’s upperclassmen have an on-campus support group to get you through all of the ups and downs: Link Crew. Link Crew is a student-based group of juniors and seniors on campus that introduces freshmen to Northwood and everything it has to offer.

“Link Crew allows the freshmen to meet their Teacher Advisors (TA) and spend time with them, which is super important because they’ll be spending the next four years with them,” Link Crew member and senior Jaya Bhalla said.

Link Crew organizes several activities that the incoming freshmen participate in.

First, freshmen meet their Link Crew leaders during the summer at Link Crew orientation, which is on the Wednesday of orientation week. At orientation, you will also meet a group of other freshmen that will be in the same TA with you throughout high school, making it an even better chance to make some life-long friends.

Throughout the school year, freshmen continue to meet with Link Crew to gain student perspectives about events at school. More than that, Link Crew members are available year-round to offer advice, introduce freshmen to the lesser-known clubs and classes and be a friendly face on a big campus.

“Having a guide to help me understand and navigate my first year on campus really helped me get started in high school,” senior Isabel Munoz said. “It definitely made me feel more comfortable going to school events.”