Seniors race to the finish line


Mitul Kalra

CLASH OR CRASH?: Sophomore Reid Okada aims at the freshmen team in the second dodgeball round.

Pranav Gaddam, Staff Writer

The seniors dodged defeat in the 2020 Clash of the Classes event, dominating in Super Smash Bros., spelling bee and the talent show.

The annual competition pits each class against the others with a series of events that earn points, including several dress-up days where students wore jerseys, college apparel and class colors. The winner was declared based on which class had the most points. Kicking off the event, representatives from each class competed in a game of Super Smash Bros. during the Winter Formal rally on Jan. 10. As the fight intensified, senior Neil Gopal secured his spot at the top, while the sophomores made a poor showing in last place.

“It was disappointing for us to end up last in the first competition,” sophomore Jonathan Cilderman said. “Even though we started off in a bad spot, it was still exciting to compete against the other classes.”

After the spelling bee, which the seniors won, the classes took to the stage, performing in the talent show. The freshmen led with a guitar solo of “I Want You Back.” The sophomores presented multiple acts including a duet, dance and a magic trick. The juniors followed with a group dance to popular TikTok songs, a solo dance and a rap. For the finale, seniors performed a duo dance, songs and a baton twirling performance, ultimately winning the event.

“The talent show was entertaining and the junior class was well represented with our displays of talent,” junior Ryan Do said. “Overall, everyone performed incredibly well.”

In the culminating event, the juniors defeated the sophomores and the seniors defeated the freshmen in the first round of dodgeball. In the second match, the seniors faced their only defeat, losing to the juniors, but still earned enough points to win overall, while the sophomores beat the freshmen to earn third place.

Even though Clash of the Classes is now over, it’s not the only time to show your school or class spirit. You can support the stars of Northwood in the upcoming choir and instrumental concerts during the first week of March, whether you’re a senior or a freshman.