Northwood’s No Napping November


Grant Dickerson

NAP TIME: Seniors Johann Fernandez and Jack Kahulugan aren’t paying attention. Shame on them. Also, why does he have his phone?

Mei Ono, Editor-in-Chief

Students across Northwood participated in a movement throughout November known as No Napping November, where they took on the challenge to prevent themselves from sleeping during the day.

The Rural Dictionary defines No Napping November as “an ancient ritual in which a man must conjure the willpower to defy his primal desires and go without napping for all of November to save all of humanity.” With the lack of the few extra hours of napping during in-class readings of Shakespeare, noticeable dark bags formed under the eyes of participants.

“Would I be disqualified if I napped while standing in the shower?” sophomore Matthew Dimaandal said. “I mean my eyes were just closed because I was shampooing.”

Last month, students were seen using Flex tape to secure ice packs around their necks and a few students in the 900s building even prepared shifts to pull the fire alarm to keep each other awake during class.

“The fire alarm kept going off every five minutes of class, and we could never find out why or who was doing it,” science teacher Jane Yoon said.

Additionally, statistics show that the number of posts on people’s Finstas have skyrocketed exponentially from twice a day to an average of seven times a day over the course of last month as confused students desperately attempted to find an alternative to taking naps after school. A vast majority of these posts included blurry selfies of teens sitting in front of their computers with excessively large timestamps and captions along the lines of “don’t hmu only real ones know.”

“I ate energy bars during every hour of school,” sophomore Surya Subbarao said. “I think I developed a nut allergy from eating too many.”

The origin of this movement is unclear, but is rumored to have been started by u/Xxin-somniaxX on the popular social news aggregation Greennit where it gained 60.9k upvotes within a day. Soon enough, several interpretations of No Napping November circulated around the internet and discussed in high levels of secrecy at middle school dances.

To celebrate those who have completed the challenge, Northwood students have suggested napping in every single TA during December.

In response to the demands of students that have pleaded to allow at least dozing off, members of Greennit are considering setting up further regulations for the future that would allow three strikes to a participant before having to go without sleep for the entirety of December. Other punishments include switching social media profile pictures to Mike Pence for a full month.