Finals week: craft your stress away


Sreekar Kasturi

CRAFT AWAY: Seniors Nainika Mateti, Astriti Dihingia and Jaya Bhalla (left to right) make staple flowers.

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

Especially during finals season, students are struggling to finish projects and cram-study for upcoming exams, spending every waking moment burdened with academics or anxiety due to high-pressure sports. It’s in these moments that students must remember to relax and relieve some of their stress through creative outlets. Here are a few crafts to give your mind a break:

  1. Paint a scene that expresses your emotions with your choice of medium: watercolor, acrylic or oil. Mixing different colored paint with a palette knife will give you a sense of satisfaction that is unmatched to any other activity.
  2. Focus your attention on creating a staple flower by finding a tutorial online or experimenting with staples to make a stunning metal flower that will last much longer than any traditional flower.
  3. Transform some old clothing, even if it means slightly altering a pair of jeans for a better fit or creating a cute top out of an unflattering dress. Sewing and snipping fabric will take your mind off your problems, as it will require all of your attention. When you finish repurposing your article of clothing, your mind will be rested and ready to conquer any obstacles that come your way.
  4. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories for comfort during rough times. It will give you a warm nostalgic feeling that will brighten your day and alleviate your stress.
  5. Bring your Pinterest pins to life and create an inspiration board. By making your goals tangible, you will have a clearer vision and be motivated to work harder in day-today life