(Cor)sage advice: DIY accessories and photo locations

Erin Kim and Anlon Zhu

If you want the perfect matching Winter Formal corsage coupled with a sweet photo collage, The Howler has put together four aesthetic corsages, locations and styles to give you the flower power of the hour.

The Vintage One

Flora: Carnations, baby’s breath, olive flower, eucalyptus leaves, Italian ruscus

Color palette: Reds and pinks

Location: Top of the World Park West Ridge, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

This one is a classic, and a classic never fails. Carnations have been used in corsages since people decided that flowers look good on wrists. They are a symbol of affection or death (pretty polar opposites, but it works if you want to be edgy), but more importantly, they are pretty! This beautiful corsage perfectly complements the timeless ‘little black dress,’ deep-hued A-line dresses and lace numbers. Taking pictures at the Top of the World completes that traditional winter formal aesthetic: surrounded in a realm of natural beauty with rolling hills and a clear view towards the deep blue sea.

The VSCO Girl One

Flora: Sunflowers, camellia leaves, green berries, marigold, yarrow

Color palette: Sunset colors

Location: Crystal Cove

7402 Pacific Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92657

For everyone who is hip with teenage subculture, the VSCO girl corsage emanates the essence of a picture-perfect aesthetic and needs no filter. Its bright yellow sunflowers radiate positive energy and the other assorted wildflowers and greenery symbolize a sense of organic beauty and freedom that can’t be found elsewhere. Of course, this beautiful arrangement is only fitting if secured to one or two scrunchies. Fully connect to Mother Nature by heading to Crystal Cove; your windswept hair, eye-catching fresh flowers and the crystal clear ocean waters lapping at your feet will definitely make for one stunning photo.

The Modern One

Flora: Succulents, tiger lilies, sea holly, berzillia berries

Color palette: Pale greens, blues and whites

Location: The Noguchi Garden
611 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Try using some out-of-thebox flora with succulents, tiger lilies or sea holly to make an eyecatching arrangement. We love these houseplants because they are low maintenance––no really, just stick a succulent in a pile of dirt or a lily in some water and they will thrive. So not only do these flowers look chic and will undoubtedly catch someone’s attention for being out of the ordinary, but they also fit the lazy aesthetic of the modern generation. Buy fake succulents and lilies from your local craft store to maintain the realism; going down that path would give you a surprisingly resilient corsage. Finally, a neutral color palette of whites, blues and pale greens completes that clean, sophisticated look and goes well with any color. Combine that with the abstract shapes and beautiful layout of the Noguchi garden, and you have the recipe for a collage of truly unique Winter Formal photos.

The Autumnal One

Flora: Daisy, chrysanthemum, balloon flower, iberis, heather, heliopsis

Color palette: Deep blues, purples; pops of yellow

Location: Great Park Balloon
Great Park Balloon Ride, 8000 Great Park Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92618

While it may be Winter Formal, the autumnal season never seems far away in Irvine. Deck out with a vibrant display of fall’s best flowers that showcase bright yellow flowers like daisies or heliopsises that just seem to glow. The autumnal corsage brilliantly balances completely contrasting colors with deep blue and purple balloon flowers and heather in the back that seems to meld it all together. This is a corsage that makes a bold statement and will definitely pop on camera, just like a bright orange ball (the Great Park Balloon). Enjoy a sunset ride into the sky and gaze off into the Irvine hills as your photographer scrambles to capture the picturesque moment. If he or she is good, the safety net around the passenger area will be more of an aesthetic decision than an ugly obstruction.