Fallout of the dance and into the heart


Michael Huang

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?: Dance Theater and Dance Three students perform heartfelt pieces that they choreographed.

Dylan Yee, Staff Writer

Northwood dance students displayed feats of grace in the annual fall dance show Fallout XII on Nov. 21-22. Completely choreographed by Dance Theater and Dance Three students, the show was an emotional display of their hard work.

The performances conducted by the dancers were varied and powerful—ranging from a traditional Indian routine to a tap dance to a dance inspired by a spy theme—each taking the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions.

The audience couldn’t keep their excitement hidden as they watched “Silhouette” choreographed by Dance Three senior Angelina Chen and “So Consumed” choreographed by Dance Three junior Elena Maldonado. “For That Girl That I Knew” took the audience on an emotional ride as juniors Hannah Evans and Melody Cammarata performed an intimate duet about friendship.

“My favorite thing about Fallout is that it’s always the first show of the year and a chance to bond with other dancers and learn new things about each other,” Chen said.

The most unique performance was “Spy Kids,” choreographed by Dance Three freshman Coco Wu. The plot revolves around Chen playing a secret agent while evading capture through an intricate dance routine. In addition, sophomore Anessa Davies performed a unique tap dance routine to the song “Trampoline” by Shaed.

“My favorite performance would be the last dance of the night, ‘Don’t Let Me Go,’ because the choreography and the dancers blended so well with the music and their emotions really brought out the essence of the whole dance,” senior David Xue said. “I got chills from the dance.”

Fallout is entirely student-run: To choreograph a piece, the students must submit a proposal to Dance Director Judy Scialpi, and receive another group of students to teach the moves. After the students learn the routine, they would go to other choreographers until all performances have been learned.

“In Fallout, the students come up with the choreography from whatever inspires them, whether it be films, poems, literature or artwork,” Dance Theater senior Jessica Park said. “Whatever ‘falls out’ becomes part of the production.”

With the upcoming Halo performance on Feb. 21 and Spring performance May 21-22 nearing, the dance department will have to meet some high expectations when they return to the stage.