For the good of the (Wolf)pack


Sreekar Kasturi

COM(PACK)SION: Club members socialize through games such as Jenga.

Erin Kim and Varun Vishnubhotla

STATE OF THE STUDENT – As the epitome of inclusivity on campus, Wolfpack focuses on eliminating the stigma behind special needs students by gathering support from students with varying backgrounds, all in the spirit of creating lasting relationships and cherishable memories.

“Wolfpack means helping,” sophomore Gordon Au said. “It is being nice to other students.”

Lunchtime meetings provide opportunities for students to lend a hand to those with special needs, as they encourage members to build relationships with one another by striking up simple conversations, ultimately expanding students’ social skills. The impact it has had cannot be measured in words, but rather in the smiles it has put on many club members.

“I feel like we are more connected through Wolfpack,” sophomore Simran Patel said. “Every now and then, I’ll see Gordon outside and he’ll fistbump me.”

Wolfpack has been encouraging conversation and spreading its positive influence for a considerable amount of time. The club also hosts after school events, in which Wolfpack members accompany special needs students.

“Last year, we had our ‘Coco’ and movie day and one of the returning special education kids came,” Wolfpack president senior Emmerson Orozco said. “For two years, I thought he didn’t know me. It was a big moment when he said, “Emmersen. I remember you.’”

Wolfpack provides a humanitarian dimension to Northwood. Driven to make Northwood a more empathetic environment for students, Wolfpack promotes compassion, hosting lunch meetings every Thursday in the Room 1405.