Pack attack: Timberwolves deck out


Sondos Elbershawi

SQUARE UP: Junior Jen Li sets up the team’s next play while her teammates get ready.

Mihir Kulkarni, News Editor

Students, parents and faculty created a sea of pink to watch Girls Varsity Volleyball compete against Portola on Oct. 8 for their annual Pink Out game. The same crowd decked out in neon at Pack the Gym and Senior Night against Irvine on Oct. 15. Although the outcomes of the games were different, both were thrillers that came down to the last set.

Over the course of the Pink Out game, Portola and Northwood were neck-and-neck with several lead changes throughout the game. After 105 minutes of competition, Northwood ultimately fell to Portola 2-3.

“I think the Pink Out game was really good,” Varsity Captain Rachel McCurry said. “It was a really intense game and it was overall a really good match to watch.”

During the Pack the Gym game, however, Northwood was down 0-2 to start the game against Irvine.

Northwood fought back to tie it at 2-2, and rallied to win the last set and the game with a final score of 3-2.

“I’m proud that we were able to come back from a 0-2 start and finish with a win,” junior Stephanie Chen said. “We’ve all put so much effort into this season and I think we really laid it all on the court last night.”

The Pink Out game was hosted in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is held every October. The team wore pink shirts and hair ties before the game in support of those suffering from breast cancer, and many spectators in the crowd were dressed in pink as well. Several other sports also hosted their own Pink Out games.

“Pink Out is important because it shows the support that everyone gives to those that may be suffering from breast cancer,” McCurry said. “It just makes those who have it feel like they are supported and are cared for by everyone.”

Pack the Gym was the last game of the season, and the last Northwood volleyball game the seniors will compete in. While it was bittersweet to see the seniors leave, their mark on the volleyball program will not be forgotten.

“We were blessed to have a great group of seniors this year,” Chen said. “They were great leaders both on and off the court and they set a big precedent for our program next year.”

The highlights of Northwood’s season included wins against several schools like Crean Lutheran, La Habra and Fullerton. In a previous game against Irvine, Northwood emerged victorious after a tight fifth set that saw them win by two points. The team finished with a record of 6-17.

Although this season had a lot of obstacles to overcome, it was still definitely one to remember. The team has been working hard on improving their skills since the summer at their camp and even during preseason. They really hope to have a successful season next fall.