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A Tierlist of School Buildings

Sophia Ho
S-TIER: From the location to the aesthetic, Northwood buildings are in a league of their own.

S Tier:

1400s building. S Tier. Do I even need a reason to talk about my beloved? Breaking up the mediocrity of the infrastructure at Northwood, even stepping near the 1400s building brightens my day and erases all my worries. Although it’s in the middle of nowhere, the fact that it is the newest building makes up for this shortcoming. The building is pristine, worthy of my improvised Shakespearean sonnet. The classrooms are also nicer for this reason. I might be hallucinating (totally not because of bias), but they just feel larger.

A Tier:

Moving on, we have the 900s building at a solid A tier. If you’re new to Northwood, you better be praying with everything you have that you have a class in the 900s before breaks. Although the classrooms and buildings are really old and don’t have the advantages that come with being new, like the 1400s building, its perfect, ideal location makes up for any shortcomings. Literally attached to the entrance of the lunch line, a class in the 900s building before lunch or break gives you VIP access to the cafeteria’s best food for at least two days of the week. You don’t have to waste all of lunch standing in line and you actually have time to eat food (yippie!).

B Tier:

The 1000s building is perfect for the late sleepers who set 30 alarms and still manage to wake up at 8:11 A.M. (not calling myself out here). Pull up to school 30 seconds before the second bell? No problem! Your classroom is three steps away. Bonus: you can get away from the campus faster than 3*10^8 m/s (the speed of light in a vacuum) if your last period is in the 1000s building.

Also in B Tier is the 1100s building. The 1100s building probably owns my soul with the amount of times it’s saved me from tardy sweeps. Located right in the middle of Northwood’s cluster of buildings, it’s in the perfect position for people who wait until the last minute to start walking to class. The little grass patch in front of the 1100s is also a bonus because it’s really cute and adds a dash of color to our oddly tan school.

C Tier:

The 1200s building is the most forgettable and, dare I say, mid building ever. I honestly couldn’t remember for the life of me where this building was located, which is why it’s in the dead center of the tier list: in C tier. At least there’s nothing really bad that gives me the ick about the building.

D Tier:

The actual 1300s building itself is fine (and by fine I mean eh—nothing special) but what drops it down a tier is its location. Tell me why it literally couldn’t be farther away from the cafeteria entrance. Even if you dropped everything and started sprinting like a track star competing in the 100 meter dash, the only thing left would be stale pizza by the time you got even close to the cafeteria.

F Tier:

The 500s building is literally in its own Milky Way galaxy. Students are so excited to go to the building that you can see them actively running towards it when the melodious music of the tardy sweeps plays throughout the school. As an added benefit, the sound of trombone spit could function as a built in metronome during rehearsals.

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Sophia Ho
Sophia Ho, Graphic Artist
Sophia Ho is a Senior graphic artist with a tendency to slay. As soon as she goes home, she draws silly guys and watches 3-hour video essays on Youtube. You can mention her name at First Class Pizza for 50% off your meal!

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