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Kang Hodong Baekjeong KBBQ!

You might have noticed the store under construction for over a year in the “Mitsuwa Plaza” with a picture of a man in front of a pan of Korean Barbeque (KBBQ). For many of us, we have been avidly waiting for the opening for this

Plot Twist: GMOs aren’t unhealthy, just misunderstood

Cancer-causing. Unnatural. Environmentally destructive. Ever since they’ve turned up in our grocery aisles and dinner tables, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have gotten somewhat of a bad rep as people voiced their skepticisms with the products. However, this negative reputation is undeserved and—more importantly—unsupported. Most rumors

A debate: participation in Powder Puff Football

Every year across the country, high school cheerleaders can be seen donning football gear and playing football on the field. On the sidelines, football players stand and emphatically cheer them on. This unusual scene is part of an American high school tradition known as Powderpuff

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BTS Dance: the grind never stops

With exhilarating beat drops and flashing lights, the Northwood Back to School Dance started the school year off on a colorful note. Hundreds of Northwood students, dressed in vibrant shirts and neon tights, danced the night away to the first annual dance on Friday, Aug.

NHS pre-game routines

Every Timberwolf knows that while hard work and practice are important for winning matches, a positive attitude can change the tide of a game. Here are the fun pre-game traditions, routines and rituals Northwood athletes perform to boost team spirit before heading to the court,