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Fun in the sun: Californian solar mandate

Over the summer, California passed a Solar Panel Mandate that will require all new houses three stories or fewer to use solar panels by 2020. It also increased standards for insulation and requires non residential buildings to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. At first, this may

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The SAT: reliable or irrelevant?

For nearly a century, the SAT has been used by colleges and universities throughout the world as a major benchmark in determining which students to select for admission. Despite its rival, the ACT, gaining popularity in several states throughout the Midwest, the SAT is the

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Physical education: patronizing exercise

It’s 8 a.m. and you have a migraine, still dizzy from the (lack of) sleep you got the night before. Scrunching up your face, you mentally prepare your nostrils for the pungent odor of urine and sweat that permeates the locker room. Still wheezing from