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Halop and Keiko: the legendary music power couple

They are more than teachers. More than musicians. With the melodic poetry of their lives, Zach and Keiko Halop teach more than just notes and rhythm. They teach music. As the choral director at Northwood High School, Zach Halop, has spent the last 18 years

François Comtois: Northwood’s own hometown hero

After graduating from Northwood in 2006, Francois Comtois, has spent the past 10 years as the drummer for the popular band Young the Giant. He sat down with The Howler to discuss his experiences with the Irvine community and his band. Derek Kim: Tell me

Parental pressure in the eyes of NHS students

For Northwood students, stress isn’t a temporary event—it’s a state of being. I can hardly name even a fraction of the stressors in our lives: tests, quizzes, essays, homework, college applications, performances, conferences, games, tournaments…and, unfortunately, parents. Too often, students remain silent about the pressure

Communist turkeys take over California

Broiling flames of rebellion sweep across California as investigations reveal that several cities are now under the control of communist turkeys. Led by Leon Turksky, more than 250 million factory-farmed gobblers (Agriocharis Ocellata) have joined the Communist Party of Turkeys—not to be confused with the

Lane and Miss hit the soccer field this winter

You might have seen them in the Counseling office helping with those unbelievably long college apps, or in the classroom teaching the classic Romeo and Juliet, but this winter, you can expect to see Counselor Sam Lane and English teacher Jason Mize on the field